Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Joseph at 10 months

Over the past month, Joseph has perfected the art of getting to standing, no matter what position he started from, and now he's working on cruising a little bit. Any bets on when he'll be walking? Soon!!

Shyness is getting to be a thing of the past, and he'll now smile, wave, clap, and laugh for almost everyone, especially if you play peek-a-boo or fake a sneeze. He loves to bounce and bop his head to music, and play patty-cake too.

A bunch of teeth have worked their way through, and #6 isn't too far behind. Luckily they haven't disturbed his sleep too much. Nothing much disrupts his appetite, especially when it comes to self feeding all kinds of new stuff - cheese, ham, turkey, green beans, avocado, banana, apple, peas, and on and on.

No new stats to share, but Joseph is generally wearing 18 month clothes, even some 18-24's if they run a little small. The 2 things we always hear from strangers on the street are "What a beautiful baby" (especially the eyes!), and "Wow, that's one big boy!"


The Houston's said...

That is a beautiful and big baby!! I really enjoyed seeing ya'll. He's just precious and so happy!!

mimi said...

Yes, beautiful is the word to describe that big boy. I miss him already. Love Mi Mi