Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Final, Finally

Guess what happened yesterday?
We became parents!!!!

Are you thinking "weren't they already parents for the past 9 months?"
Or are you thinking "again?"

Well, actually it's neither. Although we sure felt like parents and acted like parents for all of Joseph's life, we weren't legally his Daddy and Papa until the adoption process was finalized in court - and that happened yesterday. Every last "i" has been dotted and hoop has been jumped through, and we got to have a very sweet ceremony (which I cried through) where the Judge decreed it said and done with.

Judge Davis even gave Joseph a book and wrote him a note to remember this event by.

I'm not a person who normally lives by the stars, but yesterday morning my horoscope said "Preparing for an event will take longer than the event itself - much, much longer." Truer words were never spoken!


Alisa said...


Lance said...

YIPPEE- or as wyatt says- "Happylations!" When's number 2 coming????

Grammy and Gramps said...

Congratulation! Another great moment for the Gatto family. Proud and pleased that Joseph is now legally a member of the family. Each day he seems to do more and more. We enjoy watching him grow.

AUNTIE A said...

Congratulations - he is such a
precious gift added to the family.
Words cannot begin to tell you about the countless smiles and joy
he has given me these last 9 months! Just love him!

Holly said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you all - I got all teary just reading about it!
(By the way, this is Holly - Alisa, Andra, and Angie's college friend - Alisa passed on your blog a few months ago, and I've been lurking and watching all the news about the "JT", the cutie! My little boy -Colin- is 2 1/2.)

mimi said...

God has blessed all of us with Baby JoeJoe. We are so happy and excited for Brent and Carl to have their dream of being parents come true. We love you JoeJoe--welcome to our family. love Mi Mi and Poppie