Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deep in the heart of Texas

Here's part 2 of our trip to Houston. Just like the state of Texas, this post is B-I-G! We got to spend time with so much of our extended family, and there's a lot to share. I was a tiny bit worried that Joseph would be a bit too shy around so many people, but he must have realized he was in his element, and came right out of his shell.

He got to meet all the little cousins - Riley, Macy, Brooks, Harper, and Ashton, as well as hanging out with Leyton again, who just showered him with attention.
Harper and Brooks were kind enough to squeeze him in the middle of their wagon ride.

Macy and Riley got into a very brief spat over who got to pull Joseph on his own ride.

A recurring theme - squish as many kids as will fit into the smallest space possible, and a good time is sure to be had!

Of course there were the big cousins too, like Mindy, Heidi, and Hollie. Everyone needed a turn to get a hug from Baby Joe Joe.

That Chitty clan really knows how to entertain! I lost track of how many people were staying in the house at one time - it was over 15 at one point with all the kids, but there was still plenty of room. Gary and Glenn boiled "some" crawfish for us all (that would be OVER 80 pounds), and there was one tiny little ziplock bag full leftover at the end.

And who needs playgrounds and amusement parks when you have a backyard like Gary and Susie?

Moon-bounce and volleyball court in the background:

Massive swing set:

And a pool!

(Maybe next time they'll have pony rides....)

All we can say is THANK YOU for everything - for housing us and feeding us and putting up with our stuff all over the place, for those of you who travelled from all over the place to see us, and for being the most wonderfully loving and supportive family we could have hoped for! It was pure joy to see all of you!

Love to all of you from all of us!!!


The Houston's said...

That is one cute sack of potatoes!!! And by the way, thanks so much for putting me in my swimsuit on the blog. You are too kind! Ha!

Honey said...

We are so blessed that all of you spent time with us in Houston. Joseph is adorable! It is going to be so much fun to watch him grow!! We had so much fun with ya'll. The cupcakes were yummy! Thanks for our special time spent together. Come back soon....

mimi said...

I feel like I have just revisited our weekend with everyone. Thank you so much Carl for sharing your thoughts and pictures with all of us. It was such a great weekend being together. It was a big effort for everyone ,but this makes us all realize how special of a family we have.Thanks to the Chitty and Houston hotels and hospitallity. JoeJoe was so much fun and just so sweet and beautiful. Love and hugs Mi Mi