Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ash, Ash, Baby

We just got back yesterday from an AWESOME trip to Houston. We love to see our family, but this trip in particular was inspired by the most recent addition to our clan, baby Ashton. Strong work, Glenn and Suthern - another adorable nephew for us to love and spoil! Meeting him and seeing y'all was worth the 2 hour delay on the flight out!

Spending time with Leyton was also a plus. He's just so much FUN to play with! Watching him interact with "Baby Joe Joe" was priceless! And by the way, Leyton is wearing Joseph's bathing suit in the following picture. Do the math: Joseph is 10 months, Leyton is 2 1/2.....

Ashton and Suthern:

Joe Joe and Poppy:
Mimi and Poppy drove all the way from Houma to see all of us together!

Joseph and Gran:
(the guilt is really settling in now that we're home - Gran had ALL SEVEN of her GREAT-grandchildren in one place at one time, and we never managed to get a picture of her with all of them together. but hey, you try to get 7 babies ranging in age from 6 weeks to 3 years in the same place at the same time in a good mood for a photo op, and tell me how it goes.)

A great picture of 4 generations of our family:

And finally, a glimpse into our future???? Brent looks HOT with a double stroller! No promises. We'll see how it goes. For now we're happy pushing Joseph along with baby Ashton!

Next up: the rest of our Houston trip with the Chitty clan (also known as the best hosts EVER!).
Apologies to Suthern, Ashton, and anyone else who now has the song "Ice, Ice, Baby" stuck in their heads. Or am I the only person who ever liked that song?

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mimi said...

Hey I love Ice Tea--Don't feel guilty about not getting that Pic with all the great-grandchildren and Gran because with the 500 pics I took, it just never happened. What did happen, was wonderful, and like Christmas, all of our Family together. Thank you Thank you Thank you.Love Mi Mi