Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You've come a long way, Baby Brent

Most importantly, we're back in business!! Apple service ROCKS!
So the business at hand: catching up on blog entries!

1st up, Brent's 40th birthday, which he was kind enough to share with Easter Sunday. We had a pretty good turnout to ring in a new decade of Brent's life.

I received a few raves about the invitation, but most credit goes to Olga, for dressing him in those um, adorable(?) outfits.
Brent chose his own wardrobe for the party, and I took care of the catering.

YES, I made the cake!! To help your mouth water, it was chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, and frosted with caramel buttercream. I was petrified it would collapse before the party, and we even had to put a shim under the cake stand to help keep it upright! We only ate one layer at the party, and gave the rest away, since we were headed off to Miami - more posts about our trip are on the way....


The Houston's said...

Wow-about the cake. Wow-about those outfits!!! And I'm soooo glad it didn't take longer to fix that computer. I am not sure if I would sleep as well tonite without that laughter from those pictures. Thanks.

Grammy and Gramps said...

You laughed at the outfits we dressed you kids in. How about Brent's?

mimi said...

Okay-- enough about Brent's "cool outfits".Just kiddng , but aren't you all glad that he was such a good sport to let us dress him up and take all those pictures. I am ready for a piece of that yummy cake , it was too pretty to eat but I bet it was good. love Mi Mi