Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Joe Joe and the Giant's Shoes

Awwww, wouldn't that be a really cute title for a children's book? (Wait, maybe I should google that!)

Alas, it's a true story: Mimi wanted to be sweet and send Joseph a present for Easter, and we said he needed some new shoes. She asked what size he wears, and we broke out the tape measure and referenced the charts, coming up with a size 5. And here's what came in the mail:

Silly Mimi must have ordered a boys size 5 instead of a toddler size 5. But we tried them on anyway!

Nothing a quick trip to Target couldn't fix. We love you Mimi - it's always the thought that counts, and you're incredibly thoughtful!!!! Thanks for letting us have a giggle at your expense.

And for the record, he really could fit into a 4.


mimi said...

That is so funny. Of course I did ask the size, right Daddy. Yes it is the thought that counts and believe it or not I was thinking.I miss you and love you so much JoeJoe. Hugs and Kisses Mi Mi

Hollie Reese said...

That is too funny. For the record..I am not a germaphobe...just an animalaphobe (don't think that is a real word.)
Love yall!

The Houston's said...

I can't stop laughing!!