Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go, Joe, Go! - The Sequel

There I was, trying for the 20th time to take a video of this cute little head shaking/dancing kind of thing that he does, when he just up and crawls on his hands and knees towards me, for the 1st time, EVER! I really think I just have dumb luck sometimes. (Then again, other times no so much. After all, I still haven't recorded the head shaking thing yet).



Hollie Reese said...

Love the sound effects! He even coordinates them with his movements! yeah for crawling!! Get ready to really child proof your house!!!

AUNTIE A said...

Such a talented baby - loved every second! Hats off to you Carl for keeping the blog going, as you know you make many people happy and
how it brightens my day! Miss you all and hope to get to see you soon!

mimi said...

Yes he is crawling and with sound affects--how cute can you get.I agree with Auntie-these blogs do brighten up our day. Love Mi Mi

Grammy and Gramps said...

Hoorah at last. Josephs on the go. Hope he'll be standint when we get there in June. Now that he can get around, your troubles start. Ha Ha