Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fair child at Fairchild

One of the great things we did in Miami was go to Fairchild Garden, an absolutely enormous and gorgeous tropical botanical garden, where they were also having sculpture exhibits by Lichtenstein, Botero, and Chihuly. The best part was that Joseph finally got to meet Leonel, Brent's best friend!

This was the 1st time Joseph really got to sit in the grass (hey, it's winter where we live!), and he was pretty amazed by it.

Here he is with "Tio" Leo (brush up on your Spanish, people). Unfortunately one of his new things is sticking out his tongue and making "raspberries" all the time, so we have a lot of pictures like this.

Try to guess how many people saw us in the park and said, "Hey, three men and a baby!" Very original...

Leonel loves photography like me, but he has a way better camera, and a much better eye than I do. He took the pic of Joseph checking out the grass above, and this one of me with him by a pond.

A Botero sculpture: widow's peak, chubby cheeks, but Joseph doesn't have a goatee, yet.

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The Houston's said...

Hey, I remember Leonel!! Hi!!! I love the pool pictures. Mimi would be proud!!