Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big G's, little g

Grammy and Grandpa came back to town to visit the littlest "g" there is, even though he's not technically all that little. For a cool perspective, we hung out at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, where you can see the Lincoln and Washington Monuments and The Capitol all in a row.

There were tons of tulip beds just aching to be a beautiful background for a baby portrait, but Joseph was too distracted by them to ever look at the camera. :(
He looks so serious! Or is it just determined?

Next time we'll remember to bring a slice of bread with us and dangle it in front of him so he'll look up when we try to take a picture. We had a great dinner al fresco, and that slice of bread kept him busy the whole time!


Honey said...

That big slice of bread would keep me busy too! Joe is adorable. I think the serious face is because he is a deep thinker...or dreaming about another piece of bread! Can't wait to see ya'll. Susie

mimi said...

What great pictures of all of you. It was good to see the Gatto's. The pictures look so real I feel like I was actually there. Wishful thinking of course. JoeJoe looks as big as Poppa. He is just so adorable. Love and Hugs Mi Mi

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