Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Joseph at 8 months

Joseph has had quite a busy month! He mastered sitting within days of the 7 month post, then started military crawling, as you all saw, But now he's up on all fours and getting the real crawling motions down, as well as trying to pull up to his knees and to standing. He got his 1st tooth at 7 1/2 months, and the 2nd is just about through too. He loves drinking ice water from a sippy cup, holds his own bottles, and is excited about finger foods, though the hand-eye-mouth coordination is a work in progress. He loves music, peekaboo, playing in the water, knocking down towers of blocks, and watching the cats. He's a good sleeper, and an all around happy boy!

And he would love to eat paper, if we let him.


AUNTIE A said...

What a happy baby! These photos of him brighten my day! Can't wait to see him again - I hope it's soon! Keep those photos coming!

mimi said...

I can't believe Joe has a tooth already. He is such a happy little guy. We love and miss you Joe Joe. Love and Hugs Mi Mi and Poppie

Grammy and Gramps said...

what a doll. when you see his smile, you have to smile too.