Sunday, March 9, 2008

Go, Joe, Go!!

Or perhaps I should have called this "G.I. Joe," since you'll see our little guy kinda sorta almost doing a military crawl. Yes folks, I have finally managed, after many months and many attempts, to upload a video to Blogger!

It only took downloading a new browser, as recommended by my own personal "Geek Squad" (sorry Matt!), since the one that Mac's generally use didn't work. Enjoy, and look for many more to come!


The Thibodeaux's said...

Yeah Joseph!!! That is sooo weird that you posted a video today...I did too of Leyton saying his manners!! Yes, I usually don't post videos because they take sooo long to download! Way to go Carl :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Way to go Joseph, oh
and by the way - you too Carl!
I am so thrilled to see the video
and I can't wait to view more!

AUNTIE A said...

Oops - the post by Anonymous was
me - have to get use to this - please excuse!

Honey said...

Go Joe! Yeah Carl for mastering the video blog! I can't wait to see ya'll in May. Joseph is so precious. Susie

The Houston's said...

I love the video. It's amazing what a little fringe will make a kid do!

mimi said...

JoeJoe seems to have a lot of interest in that fringe.Children have been known to crawl for all kinds of things..Like cats--That's when the games begin--well maybe not for Simon and Jeffrey but Joe will really be challenged. Too cute--love MI MI