Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Lunch Bunch

Missy and I are keeping up our weekly playdates, and they just naturally fall around lunchtime. We decided to walk to a neighborhood cafe for some grown-up food, but the junior lunch bunch was happy to munch on each other's toys.

Today our buddy Jack turned 9 months, but 7 month old Joseph seems to have taken the lead in the height department.

It is winter here, so when we went for our walk, Joseph got bundled up in this adorable hat and sweater our friend Elisabeth's mom made for him. And people laugh when I say I want to learn to knit - look what you can make!!

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mimi said...

Looks like those boys haven't skipped too many lunches. It is great that you guys spend time together..Everyone needs adult time and Jack and JoeJoe look like they have hit it off. Love MI Mi