Saturday, January 19, 2008

Joseph at 6 months

OMG, he's HALF a YEAR old already!

He's still a great roller, but is better at standing, and is getting into sitting without support for a little while. Everything goes in his mouth - toys, hands, feet, socks, paper, whatever he can grab.

He's quite the talker, and is making raspberries left and right. He just started to babble "ba ba." I'm pushing for "da da" and Brent keeps encouraging "pa pa." He has the greatest belly laugh, but he still laughs every time we sing to him. He is amazed by both the fireplace and the water in the tub. He's also starting to watch Simon and Jeffrey - those poor cats won't stand a chance once Joseph learns to crawl.

He's SOOOO long! His check-up is next week, so we'll get the stats then. Our best guess at weight is about 23 pounds! His appetite has finally slowed down, and after a few questionable faces, he has decided sweet potatoes are not bad after all. Pears are up next.

(Can you tell I love this chair? I keep putting him in it and taking pictures. Sorry if it's getting old.)


Alisa said...

Six months already? Amazing! Treasure every moment. Keegan turns four this Friday and I can't believe it. He was six months when you guys met him at the Cape.

Hollie Reese said...

23 pounds!!! He might outweigh Brooks...I will have to check on that! He is so cute and always looks so happy!!!

mimi said...

WOW! It's hard to beleve Joseph is a half year old. Seems like we just welcomed him into our family.He's such a "happy baby" and I love to hear him laugh. I think I hear Joseph singing,Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi.Love and Hugs Mi Mi