Friday, January 11, 2008

Jack Attack!

Since I've been working part-time, we've been trying to keep up a regular play date once a week with Missy and her son Jack (we insist Joseph and Jack will be BFF's). Jack is 2 months older, and quite the developmental phenomenon - already standing and crawling at 7 1/2 months. Joseph is right on track though, sitting for a short bit without support.

It seemed Jack was just being sweet and wanted to be close to Joseph....

...but then he went for the ear and yanked Joseph's hair (who didn't even notice as 2 cameras were flashing away every 2 seconds).

But finally Jack got busted, and he knows it... he's just back to being a sweetheart!

We have so much fun together!!


The Houston's said...

Playdates are so fun...especially for the parents! I love Joseph's expression as he was getting clawed!

mimi said...

That is so "funny". What handsome boys. Now, if I didn't know how old these two little guys were,I would have guessed that Joseph ,was the bully. and Jack was the little innocent one."What fun times" are ahead for "these guys", as well as for the BFF parents.Love and hugs MiMi