Thursday, January 17, 2008

Civic Responsibility

Yesterday morning I reported for jury duty, as summoned. A lovely woman registered me, and I asked her a question: Since I'm actually supposed to be at home right now taking care of my baby, and I have to pay someone to watch him while I'm here, is there any chance that the government of the District of Columbia will reimburse me for child care if I have to serve on a jury, or is that just my civic responsibility to take care of that on my own? Now, I said she was lovely, because she told me to turn around and go right home, and she would excuse me from serving this time. I graciously (though half-heartedly) offered to stay for the day, but she sent me on my way.

So instead of hanging out at the courthouse, I got to spend the day with Joseph! We practiced sitting:

Played with our puppy:

Worked on our table manners:

And then just made a big old mess after lunch!

We are so excited to finally be using his gorgeous high chair, which was a wonderful present from "Auntie" Nadeen. Right now he's just working on cereals, but Joseph is sure to enjoy many yummy meals in that chair!

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mimi said...

Joseph has been the "perfect son".First he got his Daddy a new car and now he has rescued Daddy from jury duty. WOW! What's next? So ==Joseph, Mi Mi is coming next week --think you can score some snow? Love and Hugs Mi Mi