Monday, October 29, 2007


It seems like out of nowhere, but just the other day Joseph miraculously discovered that:
1. He has hands,
2. He can put them in his mouth, and
3. They are delicious!

Our brilliant son, indicating how many months old he is!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Playing the field

What a gorgeous Fall weekend we had! Joseph and I spent a lovely afternoon outside with friends while Papa worked on the yard. I don't think these long-sleeved shirts are going to fit anymore come winter!

Joseph had a little lamb...

...whose fleece was full of drool.
Joe is finally getting into his "lovie," entertaining himself by licking it and sucking on it's nose. Luckily it's machine-washable, because it's soaking wet by the time he's through with it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Room to grow

You know, it's kinda hard to decorate a room when you don't know if a) you're really ever going to have a baby, and b) if that baby will be a boy or a girl. Green seemed the way to go about a year ago, and I forced Missy and Brent to hold a laser lever to the point of exhaustion so I could paint those perfectly straight stripes! Blue became the accent color when we learned we had a boy, and 3 months later, JT's room is somewhat presentable.

Suthern's brilliant idea to hang the letters with velcro, so they can be adjusted easily.

2 (or was it 3?) mobiles later, we found out that there was just no way to attach one to the crib because of some decorative trim it has. But I refused to give up, and one day I had a brainstorm and realized I could hang it directly from the ceiling from a plant hook with some fishing line. Which of course I don't own, but it was easy to buy at the hardware store. He loves it!!!

Joseph at 3 months

Dr. Moe said Joseph was just perfect at his check-up today. His current stats are: height 25 1/2inches, and weight 15 pounds, 13 ounces. We're both shocked he's not over 16 pounds by the way he looks and feels! And although he's about the average size of a 5-6 month old, he's only at the 90th percentile on the growth charts, so there are actually babies bigger than him!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1 potato, 2 potato

Joseph's best friend Jack was baptized this past weekend. Looking at the picture of them together, you'd never know Jack was 2 months older. He looks like a tater tot next to our sack of potatoes, but they're actually both above average for their ages.

With Jack and his parents, our dear friends Missy and Matt. (And Jack actually looks bigger int his one!)

Even though I said no a bunch of times, Missy knew I'd eventually cave and make the cake for Jack's christening day. She asked for a fall themed cake with leaves, and this was the result. It's an Emeril recipe for a buttermilk spice cake, covered in caramel buttercream and fondant. The leaves are iced gingerbread cookies. YUM-O!!

Matt's sister Anne knitted this pumpkin hat for Jack, but Joseph just had to try it on. Those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks remind me of another handsome little guy, our nephew Leyton, when he was a baby.

Our happy family!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

If at first you DO succeed...

STOP taking pictures!! The top photo was perfect, but I just had to keep trying.....with no more luck, it seems.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Olympic Trials

Swimming (Freestyle):
While at the beach in August, we bought a "swim diaper" for Joseph, knowing there would be a pool at the hotel in Philadelphia. They do say swimmers have the best bods!

(And if anyone makes a comment about my (skin cancer free) pasty body, I will a) never take my shirt off again and b) shut this blog down so fast you won't know what happened! And please, I already know, it's the thought of the latter that made you think twice.)

Gymnastics (Tumbling):

Someone seems to think that, at 2 1/2 months, he can roll over already. But no matter how hard he tries, he just winds up doing a backbend instead. He still looks adorable!

The City of Brotherly _____

....also known as Philadelphia, PA. Having survived our trip to the beach in August, we decided to head out on the road again. We had originally planned a long weekend in Philly to see the King Tut exhibit in July. But then Joseph was born and wanted to come home that weekend, so we thought it might be best to reschedule.

One of the bonuses in going to Philly is that Carl's family lives just over the state line in NJ, so they were able to meet us in the city. We know Grammy and Grandpa mostly came to see Joseph, but it was a treat for us all to see them too.

Clearly Joe was impressed with the ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Joseph, my dear son, I am so so sorry that I will embarrass you so many times in your life. At least you were not old enough this time to roll your eyes at what a goofball I am.

Clearly Joseph was also impressed with the historical Amercian artifacts, like the Liberty Bell.
Where to next?!?