Saturday, December 29, 2007

Season's Best

These are my 3 favorite photos from the holidays (out of a mere 100 or so - thank goodness I don't have to pay to develop film anymore).

It took flying all the way to Houma, Louisiana and going to the mall on Christmas Eve to finally have Joseph's picture taken with Santa during his 1st Christmas. He was just about to fall asleep, so he looks incredibly serious. But at least he wasn't among the hoards of kids who screamed their heads off in Santa's lap. Well, at least he didn't this year, but everyone in the line assured us that will happen to us next year.

Mimi and Poppy have a great collection of nutcrackers all over the house. Joseph is bigger than all of them. He will probably break one or all of them next time we are there for Christmas.

This one is my absolute favorite! How cute is our baby!?!? Sorry JoeJoe, but I HAD to torture you with a Santa hat, even against Taylor's advice. It just went too well with the candy cane jumper that Poppy bought for him after I had mentioned I was looking for a cute little Christmas outfit for him to wear during the day while we were out visiting. Thanks Poppy!

Our first Christmas with Joseph could not have been more special!

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Lance said...

THAT IS A CUTE BABY!!! I love the Santa hat photo!