Thursday, December 20, 2007

Joseph at 5 months

WOW, has it been that long already?!

JT is such a sweet, happy boy! He continues to love his hands, but has taken a new interest in small toys that he can hold and put in his mouth. He laughs hysterically, especially when we sing to him (not a good sign for our singing careers), and is a big talker. He's also starting to stand a little bit too.

This is how he spends the majority of his day (if he's not being held). He's become a nonstop roller - put him down, and 1 second later he's rolled over and popped up. Does he have a better view this way?

We don't have any new measurements to share (he doesn't go back to the doctor until 6 months), but do you think he looks bigger?

We were convinced he needed to start cereal because he seems so hungry and still wakes up for a nighttime bottle, but last night he slept 8 hours straight for the 1st time!


The Houston's said...

Yay for 8 hours of sleep!! I bet you feel like a new person!

mimi said...

I can't beleive Joseph is already 5 months --seems like just yesterday Brent and Carl were traveling around the world and eating at the finest restaurants.WOW! how times have changed and what a wonderful change with" our little Joseph."My love to all of you-- Mi Mi P.S. No more capitals.