Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Love LA!

That's Louisiana, y'all, not Los Angeles.
We set off on our first plane trip ever with a baby to celebrate Christmas "down the bayou." Joseph was an angel on the flight, so we looked like we actually had some control over the situation, even though it was just dumb luck. And the screaming toddler at the back of the plane was a huge distraction from the minor fussing he did when he got tired of being held and wanted to roll around.

He got to meet both of his great-grandmothers,

see lots of wonderful friends, old and new,

and meet tons of family members for the 1st time!

One of the most wonderful and memorable things about our trip was being able to have Joseph at one of the weekly Badeaux Sunday night suppers. Thanks Bo, for some AMAZING jambalaya! I'm still dreaming of it, and you'll have to make it again when Joseph can have some too.

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