Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joseph's 1st Halloween

Pre-holiday pumpkin picking, wearing a jack-o-lantern bib from Grammy and Grandpa.

Not sure which weighs more, Joseph or the pumpkin!

He seems to be getting into the holiday spirit! He's really laughing now!

Naturally I was in charge of carving the pumpkin, as I am every year. (Yes, I am wearing my mom's kitchen smock and rubber gloves so I didn't get pumpkin guts all over me.) I had elaborate plans for that gourd, but parenting got in the way. Still, the result was pretty amazing! (I can't take credit for the pattern, which I got off the internet)

On one of my 1000 target runs shortly after Joseph was born, I snatched up 2 costumes that I thought were TOO adorable to pass up. How can you decide in July what costume to use in October (and why are they even out in July?)? Yes, I had joked about dressing him up like a roasted turkey and carrying him around on a silver platter, while I was dressed up as Martha Stewart, but who really has that kind of time? I LOVE halloween and promise to make him the most amazing costumes EVER, but this year it just wasn't in the cards.

So which costume do you like better?

The penguin was absolutely my favorite! Mostly because it's just so darn cute, but also because the 1st childrens' book we ever got, even before he was conceived, was the story of a baby penguin named Tango, born at The Central Park Zoo, that had 2 daddies, just like us. (It's a great book - thanks Missy!)

I also bought the tiger suit, because even though I don't watch college football myself, I knew all the LSU fans out there would appreciate me dressing Joseph up as Mike VI, the LSU mascot. The 2nd pic isn't the greatest of JT, but look at that little tail! and his tongue!

Off to bed in some comfy jammies from Aunt Suthern, Uncle Glenn, and cousin Leyton. It was a fun holiday! Next year will be so much better, when we (might) let him eat some candy. Happy Halloween!


The Thibodeaux's said...

Even though I am a Tiger fan....I liked the penguin the best! They were both precious on him but he looked so adorable in the penguin one! Oh, and that pumpkin is unbelieveable...I didn't know you were such a great carver Carl! Glad ya'll had a great Halloween and Joseph was such a cutie pie in all of his costumes!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!
I liked the tiger because I have always been a Winnie The Pooh fan and it reminded me of tiger... but the penguin was sooo cute too!

Anonymous said...

I ment tigger, not tiger...

A cousin said...

i can't wait to meet him, though when I do he'll probably be four or five! I liked the penguin... Happy November!

The Houston's said...

I love the penguin!! He is getting so big!

Hollie Reese said...

I love the penguin, but the thought of him on a platter and you as Martha Stewart cracked me up!!!!

mimi said...

Oh wow -- this is a hard decision--joseph makes an adorable penquin but I have to go with the tiger--can't imagine why--Now if he was a penquin under a bunch of palm trees that could work--just kidding --go little tiger--carl your pumpkin is the mother of all pumpkins-- love MiMi and Poppie

Anonymous said...

i love all the pictures of yall
and joseph i can't wait to meet
him. love june