Monday, October 1, 2007

The City of Brotherly _____

....also known as Philadelphia, PA. Having survived our trip to the beach in August, we decided to head out on the road again. We had originally planned a long weekend in Philly to see the King Tut exhibit in July. But then Joseph was born and wanted to come home that weekend, so we thought it might be best to reschedule.

One of the bonuses in going to Philly is that Carl's family lives just over the state line in NJ, so they were able to meet us in the city. We know Grammy and Grandpa mostly came to see Joseph, but it was a treat for us all to see them too.

Clearly Joe was impressed with the ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Joseph, my dear son, I am so so sorry that I will embarrass you so many times in your life. At least you were not old enough this time to roll your eyes at what a goofball I am.

Clearly Joseph was also impressed with the historical Amercian artifacts, like the Liberty Bell.
Where to next?!?


The Houston's said...

Too funny!!! I love all the pictures!!

The Thibodeaux's said...

Too cute...I think Joseph is going to beat Leyton out of the "most traveling baby" title....although you still have to take Joseph to another country to beat cousin Leyton!

Honey said...

I see a future olympic swimmer! Carl, I love the bod!!!! Joseph is so precious! Yes, when he is a teenager he will not believe the picture of Carl with the headdress on!!! Loved it!