Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1 potato, 2 potato

Joseph's best friend Jack was baptized this past weekend. Looking at the picture of them together, you'd never know Jack was 2 months older. He looks like a tater tot next to our sack of potatoes, but they're actually both above average for their ages.

With Jack and his parents, our dear friends Missy and Matt. (And Jack actually looks bigger int his one!)

Even though I said no a bunch of times, Missy knew I'd eventually cave and make the cake for Jack's christening day. She asked for a fall themed cake with leaves, and this was the result. It's an Emeril recipe for a buttermilk spice cake, covered in caramel buttercream and fondant. The leaves are iced gingerbread cookies. YUM-O!!

Matt's sister Anne knitted this pumpkin hat for Jack, but Joseph just had to try it on. Those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks remind me of another handsome little guy, our nephew Leyton, when he was a baby.

Our happy family!!

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