Friday, August 31, 2007

Showers I and II

Boy, are we one lucky family! We've already had 2 baby showers, and there's actually a 3rd on the way. People have been so overwhelmingly sweet and generous when it comes to showering Joseph with love....and loot!

Our 1st shower was thrown by Brent's office. Not only did the department of Pediatrics throw a fantastic party, but we had visitors and presents from every other department too - Radiology, Pharmacy, OBGYN, Internal Medicine, Administration, and everyone in between. It's a great joy to see how much Brent is loved and respected at Kaiser.

Our 2nd shower by thrown by "The Girls," Andra, Angie, Elisabeth, Jessica, Mallory, Meredith, Missy, and Sabrina. More people wanted to host, but there was just no more room on the invitation!

This shower was thrown together with lightening speed so that it could happen when the family was in town. Grammy, Grandpa, and Mimi all got to see (again) what an amazing group of friends we have in DC (and we're still counting Angie and Jessica, even though they defected back to Louisiana).

This shower was truly stellar!!! The invitations, decorations, food, gifts, and most importantly, company, were all top notch. Who would ever have imagined cupcakes with his initials on them?! And cookies iced to match his shower invitation, with his monogram on them?!

We only wish everyone else could have been there in person to see how gorgeous everything was. We are so grateful to our friends for everything they've done for us and our son.

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