Saturday, December 29, 2007

3 men and a spoon...

...and one hungry baby.

...and one fairly disinterested baby.

...and one terribly messy baby!

Yes, while in Louisiana, we decided to finally start some solid foods, because they just don't make enough formula in the world to keep up with this boy's hunger. Mimi was busy taking pics and video to document this momentous occasion. The rest of us were desperately trying to figure out how to get the food INTO his mouth while his tongue kept pushing it back OUT. All-in-all it was very entertaining, and with practice and persistence, he's finally gotten the hang of it. Now he just loves his cereal, and we've had a few nights where HE has slept through, while WE are up obsessively checking to make sure he's still breathing.

Season's Best

These are my 3 favorite photos from the holidays (out of a mere 100 or so - thank goodness I don't have to pay to develop film anymore).

It took flying all the way to Houma, Louisiana and going to the mall on Christmas Eve to finally have Joseph's picture taken with Santa during his 1st Christmas. He was just about to fall asleep, so he looks incredibly serious. But at least he wasn't among the hoards of kids who screamed their heads off in Santa's lap. Well, at least he didn't this year, but everyone in the line assured us that will happen to us next year.

Mimi and Poppy have a great collection of nutcrackers all over the house. Joseph is bigger than all of them. He will probably break one or all of them next time we are there for Christmas.

This one is my absolute favorite! How cute is our baby!?!? Sorry JoeJoe, but I HAD to torture you with a Santa hat, even against Taylor's advice. It just went too well with the candy cane jumper that Poppy bought for him after I had mentioned I was looking for a cute little Christmas outfit for him to wear during the day while we were out visiting. Thanks Poppy!

Our first Christmas with Joseph could not have been more special!

Christmas, Phase 3

As if we hadn't celebrated enough, we wrapped things up on Christmas night with our own little special family time after flying back from Louisiana. Joseph was a rock star again on the plane, having slept the entire flight in my arms from take off to landing.

Yes, we do have stockings for the cats.
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Especially if you are Lance.

And don't make fun of our jammies either.
Especially if you are Lance.

You have to admire his determination at tearing into those presents!

Christmas, Phase 2

...which could be subdivided further into part 1 (at the Badeaux's again), and part 2 (at Mimi and Poppy's), but why complicate things? It was all wonderful, especially because Joseph finally got to meet Uncle Glenn (Brent's brother), Aunt Suthern, and cousin Leyton.

Gran and her girls - "Charlie's Angels" (Sherry, Susie, Olga, and June).

Aunt Suthern had the touch and was able to get to him sleep like, well, a baby.

Everyone spoiled Joseph rotten! It was such a fantastic trip, and we miss everyone already. xo y'all!

I Love LA!

That's Louisiana, y'all, not Los Angeles.
We set off on our first plane trip ever with a baby to celebrate Christmas "down the bayou." Joseph was an angel on the flight, so we looked like we actually had some control over the situation, even though it was just dumb luck. And the screaming toddler at the back of the plane was a huge distraction from the minor fussing he did when he got tired of being held and wanted to roll around.

He got to meet both of his great-grandmothers,

see lots of wonderful friends, old and new,

and meet tons of family members for the 1st time!

One of the most wonderful and memorable things about our trip was being able to have Joseph at one of the weekly Badeaux Sunday night suppers. Thanks Bo, for some AMAZING jambalaya! I'm still dreaming of it, and you'll have to make it again when Joseph can have some too.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Joseph at 5 months

WOW, has it been that long already?!

JT is such a sweet, happy boy! He continues to love his hands, but has taken a new interest in small toys that he can hold and put in his mouth. He laughs hysterically, especially when we sing to him (not a good sign for our singing careers), and is a big talker. He's also starting to stand a little bit too.

This is how he spends the majority of his day (if he's not being held). He's become a nonstop roller - put him down, and 1 second later he's rolled over and popped up. Does he have a better view this way?

We don't have any new measurements to share (he doesn't go back to the doctor until 6 months), but do you think he looks bigger?

We were convinced he needed to start cereal because he seems so hungry and still wakes up for a nighttime bottle, but last night he slept 8 hours straight for the 1st time!

Christmas, Phase 1

Since we're heading down to Louisiana for Christmas, Grammy and Grandpa came down from New Jersey last weekend to kick off the season's festivities. Let the spoiling begin!

There was one present in that pile for us, but the rest were all for Joseph!

A present from Joseph to his grandparents, special books they can each read to him when he visits or sleeps over their house.

Off The Hook!

As in:
1. Everyone I've ever made a baby quilt for is OFF THE HOOK, since my best friend Lance made one for Joseph. (not that I ever thought any of you besides him were planning on making him one, but I know you would have if you could have)
2. This quilt is so gorgeous, it is just OFF THE HOOK!

Thank you Uncle Lance! We love it!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had our 1st snow of the season last weekend, just to get us in the holiday spirit. I think we were more excited than Joseph was, because we know it's his 1st Christmas.

But then it all melted within 2 days, which is kinda good when you're going to pick out a tree. Again, I think we were a little more excited than he was.

But NOW we found something that excited HIM - the lights! (and I know he was more excited than me, because I get stuck with the job of putting them up every year.)

Hope you're all having as much fun decorating and getting ready for Christmas as we are!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Keeping up with the Joneses

Oh wait, I mean Houstons!
I thought blogging once a week was good, but Heidi is amazingly good at posting new things constantly, so here are some pics just to keep up!

Patient's mother: "So Dr. G., I was wondering what I should do if I wake up and find that my baby has rolled over in his sleep and is desperately trying to suffocate himself but cramming one of those waterproof sheet protectors up his nose."

Dr. G.: "Oh don't be ridiculous, that would never happen." ...unless it was my son, at which point I would freak out as much as you would! But then I would take a picture and share it with the world for a good laugh.

Looking cute as can be in a "Bumbo" chair, on loan from our neighbors.

Meeting "Auntie" Nadeen, who is also totally stylish in a cool hat, just like JT.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


With a back yard the size of a postage stamp, who would think there could be SO many leaves? Brent did a phenomenal job clearing them all in record time......

...but not before Joseph got the chance to dive into his 1st pile of leaves.

OK, maybe we just PLACED him in the pile of leaves, but he sure took advantage of the opportunity to taste them on his own. Darn, we had really wanted rice cereal to be his 1st solid food.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bring it on!!

We are armed and ready for winter, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

He looks like a big blue Pillsbury Doughboy!

This snowsuit was a gift from one of my patients who happens to also be a neighbor, because her son never wore it. The size range says "3-12 months." For a frame of reference, Joseph is about the average size for a 7-8 month old baby, and his hands reach the elbow area and feet are just at the top of the leg openings. Maybe he can wear it next winter!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Without getting too terribly sentimental, it's obvious we have so much to be thankful for this year, when you see this gorgeous, smiling face! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday today!

A visit with Mimi & Poppy

Brent's parents flew up from Louisiana to spend the week of Thanksgiving with us. Mimi was excited to see JT again, and Poppy finally got to meet him in person. While we were both at work, they babysat for us, and took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot with him outside in the gorgeous fall weather.

Poppy was able to make Joseph laugh constantly!

It's obvious they just love him so much, and we're looking forward to spending Christmas with them and the rest of our relatives in Louisiana.

Joseph at 4 months

Just 4 months ago that alligator used to be the same size as Joseph, but now it looks so tiny next to him!
His current stats are:
Weight: 18 pounds, 4 ounces
Height: 27 & 1/2 inches
Those numbers are perfectly proportional, but both are off the charts for a little guy his age. His best friend Jack weighs exactly the same, but he's 2 months older!
Joseph still loves his hands, and is even trying to hold his bottle with them. He's a nonstop talker and he has the most adorable giggle. Even though his head is still quite wobbly, he's rolled both front to back and back to front. Now he's even kicking and pushing off with his legs. He's also incredibly affectionate, and just loves to snuggle and grab onto you tightly. If he'd only give up that 3:30am feeding!