Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Nerf Wars and More

Still playing catch up, so here's a round up some of the many important October birthdays we celebrate.  First up, my perfect godson's amazing Nerf themed party.  I've thought of doing this for one of Joseph's parties, but no one has a more perfect yard for it than Aunt Missy.  Will wanted to build forts out of cardboard and Duck tape, then have all out wars.  Don't think we adults didn't play too!

My Chloe-bear turned 6, and her big brother Ben is 9!  Since their house is under construction and life is insane, Ben and Chloe skipped parties - proving that most parents are not as crazy as I am trying to pull off a perfectly themed party come hell or high water. But I bet they must be getting some pretty amazing gifts from their parents to compensate.

We were also invited to a grown up, day drinking, beer garden/barbeque party for one of my college friends that lives in DC.  John is apparently the last of us to finally hit 50, and quite a few friends flew in from all over to help celebrate.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Remember when I turned 50 back in March?  And my surprise gift was a weekend trip NYC and orchestra seats to see Hamilton?  Well, 6 months later, there we were! One of our first stops in the city was Trinity Church to see where A. Ham is buried.

Eliza is right there with him, but Anjelica was a little harder to find.

The church itself is gorgeous, and Joseph wrote them a little thank you note for watching over Alexander.

I could barely contain my excitement as we neared show time!

Our seats were amazing!  I think I starting crying all of 3 seconds into the first song and didn't stop very often.  It is truly one of the most brilliant pieces of art I've ever witnessed.  Seeing the staging and choreography in person adds so much to the already incomparable score.  Luckily Brent and Joseph weren't too embarrassed by my sobbing and I'm sure they were grateful that I managed to never sing out loud.

One of my favorite lines from the score (and there are so, so many favorites) is "Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now!"  Not a bad thing to be thinking at 50!  I can't thank my boys enough for the best present ever!  By the way, I've taken so long to post about this weekend from September, and as it turns out I'm heading back to New York this weekend to see my BFF and take in another show I've always wanted to see!