Monday, December 11, 2017

5th Grade School Portrait

Handsome as ever!  But I like my edited version a little better.  The original was so dark!  I left every freckle on his gorgeous face untouched, but I don't think we really need to remember the scratch on his forehead forever.

These Two...

In rounding up random photos that were never posted, I found at least one every month of Joseph and Benjamin.  They are practically brothers, and one of my greatest hopes is that they stay best friends forever!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Random #12

Too many little pics slipped through the cracks while I was on blog backlog in the past few months.  Here are some small moments to celebrate since Spring!

Several birthdays I should have included in a prior post, Jack's 10th in May, Zara's 10th in August, and Mallory's 40th in July.  (Mallory and some of our other friends thought Brent was lame for missing the party so had me text him a special message)

There was plenty of summer fun at various pools, and a gorgeous rainbow after a storm in Tenleytown on our way from TKD.

Family haircuts are always a favorite of mine, but we can't always coordinate.  One time I missed this summer Joseph decided to go super short.

Various forms of entertainment: we watched the Princess Bride with Joseph for the first time!  Plus things that keep me occupied.

Another season of flag football came and went.  Not the champs this time around, but as they say, you win some, you lose some.  But had some fun playing in the pouring rain once, and under the lights at Wilson High School another.

On the topic of sports, I finally got around to recently using some of my Father's Day gift card to Soul Cycle.  Fun!  But I still can't hear and I'm fairly certain it's a cult.

Holiday baking season has started, but here's a few treats looking back first:  candy covered shortbread bars > boring leftover Halloween candy.  And the literal extent of my Thanksgiving cooking this year, pumpkin waffles for Joseph and his buddy Salem who had slept over the night before.  We wound up being invited to join our friends at their parents' country club, and I am now wondering why anyone wastes the time and energy cooking at home.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Renovation, Part 5: The Final Reveal!

Sorry if I left you hanging waiting for photos of our finished project.  We wrapped up the major construction right on schedule by the end of August and were able to move in and immediately start enjoying our new space.  Then we had another month or so of little punch-list items and finishing up the work outdoors with gutters and clean up, followed by final inspection.  It still took us forever to sod the yard, get some window treatments, order a new closet system for our master bedroom, and really, really unpack everything we had tucked away.  We still need to update some furniture and absolutely need to get some artwork, but those things could take forever.

There was no construction on the front facade of our house, but it still had some significant cosmetic changes.  We have to access our back yard from the left side of the house now, so we had to cut down the magnolia tree - not a bad thing, since we had planted it far too close to the house and it was all over the roof.  We decided it made sense to paint the entire house one color, and of course I chose gray.  People initially thought we were insane covering up the pretty weathered brick, and were also quite concerned that the white primer was the final color, but in the end everyone says they love it, and most importantly, we do too!  I'm also madly in love with the gorgeous new door color I had to convince Brent to let me use.

Through the Tiffany blue front door you used to have a sight line through our dining room to the back yard,  Then all you could see for months was our refrigerator in the foyer LOL.  Once they opened up again, you can see clear through the new dining room addition and through the French doors to the yard.  The whole back wall of the house there is gone!

There is a second entrance to the space in the back of the house from the living room.  You looked through the dining room into the kitchen, but now it's just kitchen for days!

We LOVE every inch of the expanded kitchen.  It's huge!  So far absolutely no regrets about the design, cabinet color, quartz counters, and all the little details in the fixtures we chose.  And we have the most adorable custom spice cabinet where there was an awkward wall bump out in the corner.

Through the kitchen is the dining room addition.  It was so big (like, over 20 feet long) that we built in features on each end.  To the right is a window seat (which will have cushions, some day...).

To the left is a bar area on each side of the other set of French doors leading out to the new covered patio.

Views from the window seat back into the original part of the house.

The back of the house was transformed quite a bit!  We took down the deck and pergola on the right side and extended the roof line across to make a covered porch with skylights and a fan, plus we enlarged the door from the living room out to the porch.  Same Tiffany blue doors leading out to the porch to define the space, but we painted the doors from the dining room a darker gray.  We really didn't lose much yard at all, and it's actually much more level now since we raised the grade.

The only thing on the second floor of the addition is our new master bathroom.  Our master suite now takes up that entire side of the house.  Bedroom is in the middle with the bath on one side and closet on the other.

The closet now has insulation, HVAC, lighting, and a new Container Store system on one side with hanging clothes on the other side.  There's so much storage that we actually don't need any of our old dressers!

I still think the bathroom is way too ridiculously big, but it's what Brent wanted, and the architect was on his side.  The tub is positioned so you feel like you're sitting up in the treetops while you're soaking.

I will admit that I'm in love with the huge shower.  My favorite thing in the whole house just may be the herringbone marble tile in the oversized niche.

For the first time in the 16 years we've owned this house, Brent and I can now share a bathroom!  The dark gray vanity is one of the first things we bought in the renovation process, and it set the tone for everything else.  One day we'll also add some art and decor with some color, but for now I'll just start at the pretty herringbone floor.  And did you notice our little chandelier?!