Thursday, May 17, 2018

Random #14

Here's another random bunch o' stuff I haven't posted about yet.  Starting off with yet another laser tag birthday party, but this one was on the cooler side because OMG an 11 year old boy invited girls to his birthday party, and instead of vests this company made them wear this hysterical head gear.  But I still hate the whole shoot 'em up with guns thing :(

Flag football Spring season started up, and we initially had this teeny little 19 year old AU student as our temporary coach.  He was not much bigger than any of the kids!  It's been exciting to see that Joseph is actually playing this season instead of just being present and cheering.

Everyone adores the new permanent coach, Aaron.  Last week our underdog team won on literally the last play in overtime, and we're headed to the semi-finals!

My sweet godson Will made his first communion.  I sadly had to work but Brent and Joseph represented.  I do forget once in a while how tall Joseph is, but then:

We officially enrolled Joseph in middle school.  I don't even know what to make of his pre-printed enrollment forms.  Let's just check all the boxes for race!

Back in elementary school still, Joseph and his classmates, Kyle and Ethan, won a movie date with their favorite teacher, Ms. Reuter.  Actually, all the parents teamed up and joined forces to win this date at the school auction at the kids' request.  It was worth the money not having to take them to see Rampage ourselves LOL.  Two hours of the Rock and a giant gorilla at 10am on a Saturday morning?  Pass!

Joseph and Ethan have been working on a few school projects together lately.  After hard work making props for Macbeth in Performing Arts they enjoyed a little pool time at E's place.

When JT is stuck with just me, we are often cooking.  He recently learned how easy it is to make his favorite tacos.

Let me tell you, I try and try and try to teach this boy about saving money, but he blows it the first chance he gets.  $70 on 42 Lego superhero minfigs is money well spent in his opinion.

Me, I get to spend my hard earned money on orthodontia.  His palate is so narrow that there's not any room for another tooth to fit in.  He just got a palate expander last week and he's handling it well.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tres Gatos

Indeed, this actually happened 2 weeks ago:

We have been without a pet for almost a year now, and we all knew it was time to welcome some new kittens into our lives.  Out of the blue, our friends called to say they were at a nearby rescue adoption event and saw 2 beautiful sisters that were a Siamese mix - right up our alley - and we needed to see them immediately.  We raced over to take a peek and there they were.....with their brother, an adorable orange tabby.

They were absolutely the sweetest little 12 week old trio, and before I could even answer when they asked if we'd be open to keeping them together and adopting all 3, Brent was busy filling out the paperwork.

We were totally unprepared and had to borrow a carrier from our neighbors.  At just over 3 pounds each, they all snuggled up into one for the short ride home.

Once out, they were everywhere!  I mean, three is a lot of cats to keep track of all at once LOL.

We eventually corralled them into Joseph's room for some transitional time.  They are certainly a frisky little bunch!

They really took no time at all to adjust.  It must not be that difficult with all your siblings around.  They sometimes pair off into various twosomes, but often enough they are all together, as it was meant to be :)

As kittens, they have bursts of energy, then crash for naps.  Brent is sure to be around anytime one of them needs a place to rest their head.

Wondering by now what their names are?  They came with the names Nala, Nadia, and Nelson, but we weren't quite fans of the girls' names.  I managed to convince my guys to go with Charlotte and Carrie.  I'm obviously still obsessed with Sex and the City even though it's ancient and Joseph has most certainly never seen it.  Nelson was such a random but cute name that we decided to keep it, although you know I'm going to nickname him Mr. Big.

Carrie and Charlotte are almost impossible to tell apart from a distance, but Carrie has darker marks above her eyes, a rounder face, and a different stripe on her tail, plus Charlotte is a bit more petite.  Nelson has the most Siamese shaped face and ears of all of them but the girls have the points, yet they have stripes on their little tails like raccoons.

Now that we have 2 girls in the house, I guess we are technically no longer the Alton Boys, but I think after 10 years we'll just have to keep the old blog name unchanged.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Potted Potter

Back by magical demand at the Shakespeare Theater: Potted Potter, a parody that condenses all 7 Harry Potter books (plus a live game of quidditch!) into 70 hilarious minutes.  Oh my goodness, you could hear Joseph and his friend Nolan cackling in their seats the entire time.  Well done!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Garden Fences

Quilts for twin boys!  Again!!!  What are the odds of that?!  In all honestly, due to the home renovation, it had been so long since I've had a sewing space that I would have been happy to make quilts for quadruplets.  These were for Joseph's 1st grade teacher, who is just about our favorite teacher ever.  I decided to go with the same theme as I did several years ago for Jacob and Declan's quilts: the same, but different.  All the fabric was pulled from stash, in blues, greens, and grays.  I chose the popular Garden Fence block pattern and strip pieced away until I had stacks of blocks in various color combos.

The differences in those last twin quilts I made were so subtle, so I made sure this time that one quilt was clearly more green and gray while the other was more obviously blue and gray.  I had some extra blocks that I turned into quilt labels for the backs.  I'm usually so bad at labeling my quilts!

To further differentiate the two, one was quilted with a diagonal pattern while the other was straight lines parallel to the seams.

Then they both got the same scrappy binding.

I really, really couldn't love them any more than I do!  But (shh!) I am partial to the blue one.

Two quilts requires two holders :)
Then off they went to Charlie and James.